Data Management & Architecture Masterclass

Beyond Data Mesh: The Next Gen Data Architecture & Governance

20. February 2025, 9am-5pm EST in Berlin + Hybrid

About the workshop

Welcome to our Data Management & Architecture Masterclass on 'Practical Strategies for Federated Data Management.' In this one-day workshop, we are here to empower you with the skills and insights needed to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of data management. Whether you're a seasoned data professional looking to stay at the forefront of industry trends or someone just starting to explore the data landscape, this workshop is designed to provide you with actionable strategies that you can implement immediately within your organization.

Over the course of this day, we will explore how to tell a compelling story about your data management strategies, how to effectively manage data products in a federated environment, the advantages and challenges of self-service data platforms, and how to ensure data quality and observability. But this workshop is more than just a series of lectures; it's an interactive experience. You'll have the opportunity to engage with industry experts, share experiences with your peers, and participate in hands-on exercises that will deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills.

At the end of the day, you'll walk away with not just knowledge but a toolkit of practical strategies that you can apply to your data management challenges. You'll be better equipped to lead your organization in leveraging data as a strategic asset, driving innovation, and making informed decisions. So, let's embark on this journey together, where we'll unravel the mysteries of data management, demystify the complexities, and empower you to succeed. Are you ready to take the first step toward mastering the art of federated data management? Let's get started!

Price: 950 Euro excluding VAT / 1130 Euro including VAT

Language: English

Location: Meeet Mitte Berlin, Chausseestraße 86, 10115 Berlin /// Hybrid Experience (with a dedicated trainer directly taking care of small online group)

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What You'll Gain:

  • In-depth knowledge of federated data management principles.
  • Practical strategies for effective data product management.
  • Insights into self-service data platforms and automated governance.
  • Best practices for ensuring data quality and contracts.
  • Networking opportunities with¬†data management peers.

Workshop Agenda


9.00-09.30 OPENING CEREMONY with Keynote by Tiankai Feng

Part I:  Data Management (Hosted by Kinda El Maarry)

09.30‚Äď10.30¬†SESSION 1:¬†Engaging everyone in your data management story (with Michaela Mader)


11.15‚Äď12.15 SESSION 2:¬†Creating and leveraging¬†data products¬†across business domains (with Omar Khwaja)

12.15‚Äď13.15¬†LUNCH BREAK

Part II:  Data Architecture (Hosted by Max Schultze)

13.15-13.45 KEYNOTE: "People and Data" by Tom Redman

13.45-14.45 SESSION 3: Enabling federated data management with a data platform (with Aleksejs Plotnikovs)


15.30-16.30 SESSION 4: Establishing data quality and data contracts (with Chad Sanderson)


Target audience

This workshop is ideal for professionals who are involved in strategic planning and decision-making processes within their organizations. This includes:

  • Data Leaders and Managers

  • Data Architects and Engineers

  • Data¬†Managers

  • Data Analysts and Scientists

  • IT¬†Leaders and Managers

Join us for a day of immersive learning, engaging discussions, and hands-on exercises that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of data management and architecture in a federated data environment. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your data management game!

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About the hosts

Tiankai Feng

Master Coach for Data Governance


I’m a data leader by day, a musician at night, and an optimist at heart.  After 10+ years in data analytics, data governance, consumer insights and digital transformation, I grew fond of the human aspect of data - how to communicate, collaborate and get creative around data. 
 My passion lies in making data more approachable and fun, and I often use unconventional methods to do so - with music, humor or other creative outlets. 

Tom Redman

Master Coach for Data Leadership


I help leaders and companies understand their most important issues and opportunities in the data space, chart a course, and build the organizational capabilities they need to execute. From start-ups to enormous multinationals; from senior executives and Chief Data Officers to people in the middle, struggling to get something started, I help build data-driven futures. To do so, I combine a visionary’s perspective on the data landscape with deep expertise in analytics and data quality. 

Kinda El Marry

Master Coach for Data Management


Kinda is the Director of Data Governance at Prima. With over a decade of working with and deep-diving into data topics, she has garnered data-driven analytical acumen & expertise along the entire Data Value Chain: from Data Creation to state-of-the-art Data Analysis & Mining.

Max Schultze

Master Coach for Data Architecture


Associate Director of Data Engineering at HelloFresh. Build the enterprise data lake as data platform manager at Zalando. O'Reilly Book Author of "Data Mesh in Practice". Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Advisor for Data Mesh.

Michaela Mader

Master Coach for Data Modeling


Founder and Managing Partner at dataspot. Specialties: Data Governance, Business Data Modeling, Data Quality Management, Meta data Management, Strategic planning, balanced scorecard, competitive analysis (benchmark), finance, management information systems (data warehouse), organisational development

Chad Sanderson

Master Coach for Data Contracts


I am a data leader with a passion for applying product thinking to holistic data challenges. I have a journalism degree from Georgia Southern University, which gives me a unique perspective on storytelling, communication, and creative direction. I currently lead the fastest growing data quality community on the internet, Data Quality Camp, where I curate and produce content, events, and resources for data professionals.

Omar Khawaja

Master Coach for Data Mesh


22+ years of data, analytics & insights experience to maximize business value. Successful track record of people management & team leadership with product management, IT operations &project execution experience. Implemented Data Mesh at Roche Diagnostics.

Aleksejs Plotnikovs

Master Coach for Data Architecture


EMEA Data Leader at Microsoft. I'm a dedicated data leader with over 25 years of professional experience. My journey is centered around embracing the Power of Data in every facet of our world. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to lead the Data Office and collaborate with dynamic teams of technical and business experts, blending onshore and offshore Data Engineering and Data Ops capabilities. 

Alexander Borek

Master Coach for Data & AI Leadership


Alexander Borek created data, analytics & AI strategies for more than 30 organizations as consultant and as data executive. He works as Data & AI executive at Europe's largest online fashion retailer and beforehand led the global data & AI strategy at Volkswagen Group.

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