Take Your Data & AI Journey To The Next Level With
Data Masterclass Gold Membership

Take Your Data & AI Journey To The Next Level With

Data Masterclass Gold Membership

Alexander Borek, Data Masterclass CEO

Berlin, Germany

This page will take 5 mins to read and only 1 minute to make a decision.

I’m going to describe what Data Masterclass is, what it’s about, and then you can decide if you want to join.

Data Masterclass is the place for Data Experts that want to succeed in their data journey and drive real change.

We consistently bring together CDOs, Heads of AI, CTOs and other Data Leaders from Spotify, Lufthansa, Alexander Thamm, Bentley, Zalando–and even UN advisors.

Yes, these are leaders that drive change at scale but…

Their success stories are not simple A—>B stories.


They face the same persistent issues you face: foundational gaps in data architecture, governance, and quality—each one feeding into the next, creating a dangerous cycle of inefficiency.

 And yet, our entire industry is built on hype and trends that promise to solve all of these at scale.

Take the recent promise of AI as an example. It has increased the illusion of miraculous deliverables, even when basic foundations are often incomplete or entirely missing. And as quarters turn into years, a slow-value environment becomes a low-trust environment. Communication gets siloed, risk aversion increases, and team culture can deteriorate.

As this happens, you juggle executing your job, leading your team, and managing stakeholder expectations. You might spend evenings and weekends scanning the market for high-quality ideas in an economy that surfaces low-quality and sales-driven information.

This is why…

The solutions often feel incomplete: they act as area-specific painkillers, not holistic solutions.


And this is exactly why I’ve created Data Masterclass.

Forgive the cliché but our industry truly needs spaces where clarity and high-quality signal are prioritized over what we’ll call… the noise.

After 4+ successful events and multiple successful members, this is what people say about us:

Unlike most experts in our space, we don’t focus on teaching you one specific thing and then leave you to your problems.

This is what you’re in for with the Solo Membership:



  • June 2024: Data Masterclass Europe, 6 Workshops
  • September 2024: Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Masterclass
  • 2025: 4+ Masterclasses


  • 8 high-quality online course modules based on previous trainings and coaching sessions.
  • Watch and read in our App on the go
  • With content to be doubled in the next months.


Monthly group workshops with our certified coaches.

In short, we give you access to a full ecosystem dedicated to your success. These are some of the people who’ll be there for you:

Aleksejs Plotnikovs, 

Former EMEA Data & AI Leader at Microsoft

He is a master of Data Strategy. Aleksejs led the internal data & AI teams at Microsoft in EMEA. In his role, he co-created a $1B product and led Data-at-Scale initiatives using a Data Mesh platform.

Verena Weber

Former Research Scientist at Amazon Alexa, now Gen AI Consultant.

Verena is your AI Coach. She worked for 3.5 years as Research Scientist for Alexa at Amazon, deepening her knowledge in NLP, Deep Learning, and Generative AI. She now supports companies identifying and designing high impact AI products.

Max Schultze 

Associate Director of Data Engineering and O’Reilly author of “Data Mesh in Practice”

Max is your Data Architecture Coach. He has helped to build the large-scale data platform at Zalando, Europe’s #1 online fashion retailer. He is also a highly requested speaker, trainer, and advisor for all data architecture and management topics; having consulted over 1,200 clients, resulting in hundreds of success stories.

Michael Gramlich

Bestelling Author and Advisor “The Ultimate Data & AI Guide”

Michael is your ML Engineering Coach. He is a senior machine learning engineer, instructor and No. 1 Amazon bestselling author with >7 years experience in data science. He helps organizations around the world find their way through the buzzword jungle of AI and machine learning.

JĂĽrgen Herzog

Former Head of BI at Adidas

Your Business Analytics Coach helps you creating a new steering model and identifying the best KPIs for it. He was Head of BI Retail at Adidas from 2004 and 2009 when business intelligence was still in its very early days. He has helped many large iconic clients across Europe to set up analytics to enable a data-driven business.

Kinda El Maarry

Director of Data Governance and BI at Prima

Kinda is your Data Governance coach. She has over a decade of experience in data and is recognized as an early adopter of Federated Data Governance. She focuses on empowering the business to harness their Data Products and enabling automated decision-making through establishing effective federated Data Governance, Data Quality Management practices and fostering a Data Culture.


And since Data Masterclass prides itself in helping democratize Data Mastery, we bring you…

All membership benefits for just 199€ per month!

Here’s the price:

You get all benefits including event tickets and full access to our learning platform.

The yearly total cost is less than 1 ticket to our main event.

You can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.

How to Sign Up: (Click the button below)


This is risk-free. If you get in and don’t find it useful, you can ask for a refund.

Once you sign up, we will send you an onboarding package.

If you’re making it this far, it’s probably a good time to remind you that…

You can join the Data Masterclass Gold Membership Solo or with your Team


The Team membership gives you 1:1 access to Data Masterclass certified coaches, full access to our events, and much more…