€1.130,00 EUR

Data Management & Architecture Masterclass

Practical Strategies for Federated Data Management

The Data Mesh paradigm and the concept of Data as a Product are transforming the way organizations approach data architecture and management. This insightful workshop is designed to help data leaders and practitioners navigate the transition to Data Mesh and successfully adopt the Data as a Product mindset. Participants will learn the principles, best practices, and strategies necessary to establish a Data Platform Architecture that facilitates the contracts between data products.

What you'll get:

  • In-depth knowledge of federated data management principles.
  • Practical strategies for effective data product management.
  • Insights into self-service data platforms and automated governance.
  • Best practices for ensuring data quality and contracts.
  • Networking opportunities with data management peers.

Language: English

Date: 7. December 2023

Location: Berlin + Hybrid